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The love that lasts the longest...

...is the love that is never returned.

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female. 22. german. sales assistant. fangirl.
thoughtful. anxious. ironic. moody. helpful. loner. movie addict. melancholy. music lover. distrustful. freaky.
sunshine. movies. my dvd collection. music. friends. family. holidays. weekends. my car. butterflies. lemons. häagen daaz cookies & cream. pink. sleeping. shopping. saturdays. summer rains. my pc. livejournal. laughing.
racism. ignorance. war. rain. work. injustice. my moods. mustard. fish. arrogance.
…is friends only. i used to have it open for everyone but i'm paranoid curious and i like to know who's reading it! anyway, i love meeting new people, so feel free to drop me a line and i'll most probably add you back .
johnny depp. bela b. bruce willis. jamie bell. farin urlaub. hugh laurie. james roday. david duchovny. matthew perry. milo ventimiglia. jeffrey dean morgan. jensen ackles. jared padalecki. gerard butler. nils julius. colin ferguson. ed quinn. wentworth miller. alan rickman. carmine giovinazzo. hill harper. callum blue. matthew macfadyen. john stamos. james marsters. harrison ford. matt leblanc. john cusack. adam brody. hugh grant. eddie cahill. gene kelly. michael madsen. vincent cassel. orlando bloom. mark harmon. tom wilkinson. jason dohring. steve buscemi. maggie lawson. kate hudson. rachel weisz. eva green. nora tschirner. emmy rossum. jennifer aniston. kate walsh. jessica alba.
lord of the rings. pirates of the caribbean. love actually. bridget jones. crash. indiana jones. how to loose a guy in 10 days. king kong. pride & prejudice. beauty & the beast. the chumscrubber. corpse bride. singing in the rain. chocolat. harry potter. the prestige. about a boy. serendipity. the holiday. die hard. just like heaven. music & lyrics. an american in paris. and 1000 others more…
die ärzte. green day. the zombies. bela b. the cure. jonny was. imogen heap. kt tunstall. rosie thomas. kate nash. craig armstrong. social distortion. die happy. van halen. iris. colbie caillat. bailey tzuke. hinder. linkin park. hans zimmer. farin urlaub. the who. the clash. placebo. foo fighters. lifehouse. beatsteaks. ok go. ramones. switchfoot. flyleaf. kate voegele. sara bareilles. vanessa paradis. lene marlin. luxuslärm. and many more…
house md. grey’s anatomy. csi: ny. buffy. supernatural. brothers & sisters. the x-files. men in trees. eureka. lost. psych. friends. the oc. full house. dead like me. jeeves & wooster. emergency room. prison break. a bit of fry & laurie. blackadder. 21 jump street. king of queens. moonlighting.
twilight - stephenie meyer. shopaholic - sophie kinsella. the gun seller - hugh laurie. harry potter - j.k. rowling. bridget jones - helen fielding. high fidelity - nick hornby. ps i love you - cecelia ahern. love in the time of cholera - gabriel garcia marquez. where rainbows end - cecelia ahern.
house/stacy. johnny/vanessa. michael/sara. danny/lindsay. summer/seth. ann darrow/king kong. billie joe/adrienne. shawn/juliet. kate/sawyer. juliet/mark. izzie/denny. spike/buffy. mulder/scully. chandler/rachel. rachel/joey. juliet/shawn.
youtube. myspace. last.fm. my dvd collection.
one. free rice.
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